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What is Our Pricing Like?

Once we get all the information we need to find your tires at one of our mulitple warehouses, we can give you pricing with options.  Aside from the cost of the tire, here's an idea of what to expect...

Sample Quote:
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Step 2: Click to Request a Quote
**Appointments are made in advance and for non-emergencies only.

If you would like options, we try to provide 3 that we personally handpicked... starting with the least expensive we can get a hold of, followed by a bigger name brand for a decent price, and ending with a higher end option.  We will always choose tires with the best tread life expectancy possible.  We have many brands to choose from, so please let us know if there is a particular one you would like to see.


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Service Call/Mobile Convenience Fee

Starts at $60 for each visit.

Varies depending on location.  Click to see our typical service area.


Mounting and Balancing if You Buy Tires From Us

Starts at $25 each.

Varies depending on things like the type of tire or rim size.

*Please note we will only install tires you provide if they are brand new with stickers still attached, in which case, mounting and balancing starts at $35 each.


Taxes and Fees

  • Sales tax depends on your location.

  • There will be an Environmental Tax of $2 for each new tire.

  • There will be a Disposal fee of $3 for each old tire we carry away.  You may keep the tires or take care of disposal yourself and waive the fee-- just let us know!


Ask About Our Other Services

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